Stuff for sale


Custom-designed letterpress printing of wedding invitations, birth announcements, business cards, stationery, signs, postcards, book covers, items of all kinds! are available from the printer. Very reasonable pricing. Commercial papers or custom handmade papers from Ray Tomasso are available at cost. Your logo, calligraphy, or computer-generated text can be printed on the letterpress from photo-engravings or photo-polymer plates.


Say When, an occasional journal published for friends of the press
#1, December 1996, "Printer's Apprentice" by Tom Parson $1.
Gift tags, small cards, half-sheet stationery 8/$1.

Books and broadsides from Woodworks, hand printed by Paul Hunter in Seattle also are available through Now It's Up To You.

Information about letterpress printing (demonstrations, lessons, equipment, supplies, publications, amateur journalism, organizations, contacts, etc.) as well as info about bookbinding and other book arts groups and activities, as well as poetry readings, small press bookfairs, publishing, and all related topics, in both Denver and Seattle, are available:
Now It's Up To You.



The Zodiac of Words, Phil Woods, 11x17, Teton text paper $5.
(signed copies on handmade paper are sold out)
The Imperfect Garden, Edith Brown, 11x17, Ray Tomasso handmade paper $10.
Teton text paper $5.
I've Got a Secret, Richard Tardif, 8,5x11, RT handmade paper, signed $5.
(also available as a postcard)
At Home in the Body, Paul Hunter, 8.5x11, RT handmade paper $5.
signed and numbered $10.
Dear Holy Ghost, Alfred Detriech Kleyhauer III, 11x17, Skytone paper $5.
RT (peacock feathers) handmade $10.
Skin, Marilyn Krysl, 11x17, Curtis Riblaid paper $5.
Song of the Dishwasher, Tom Parson, Teton text $2.
Shower Ritual, Trudy Mercer, (paper has been painted with water colors) $2.
Slang Death, Patrick McCabe $2.
St Yuri's Day, John Macker $2.
Faith Rescue, Jay Hamberger $2.
His Room in Arles, Chris Woods $2.
Faith Rescue, a set of the above six broadsides $7.
available signed at $15.
I like it when pigs fly, Erin Helgerson (Boulder bus poster) $3.
Curious sightseers, Tim Pepper (Boulder bus poster) $3.
Unlocked, Linda Keller, Tindari Press $5. (sold out)
Misc. Oro City Auction posters, gold map, etc., RT handmade papers $5.
on commercial papers $1.
Words on Graffiti, Tom Parson $1.


Poetry postcards & all Oro City postcards are 50 cents each.
Sets of some cards are available (four sets have been published to date,
individual cards from earlier sets may be available):
Four on the Prairie $4.
Love in the Zoo, signed sets $10.

Folded Cards

Yellow Light, Marion Kimes, folded, signed $5.
Keeping Guard, Diane Sudol, folded, with envelope & note sheet $2.
signed $5.
For My Parents' Guestbook, Tom Parson $1.


Thefts of the Obvious, Paul Hunter, Mohawk Superfine paper, signed and numbered $5.
Late Bloomers, Kathleen Cain, Mohawk Superfine paper $5.
City Kite on a Wire, anthology of 38 Denver poets, Mesilla Press $5.